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Poetic License

Music Helps
By Eliezer Morse

The music helps,
My mind picks the notes like grapes
And i feel the juice sweeten the bitters in my stomach,
Make me wine drunk
With lead-y bass
And tickling synth
And cozy samples.

Music gets me out of my head,
Makes the air a roller rink
Where i can skate around
Noticing beauty
That was obscured by my cobwebbed head.

Dead spiders crunch to the floor as my body moves,
Shaking off the weight of death and dust
No cloak of grim reaper today,
Just spandex and sparkles,
A rave out of darkness.

A Stronger Bloom

By Jessica Rose

It’s kind of like, an illness:
This gnawing, gut feeling.
My stomach becomes tight.
My vision, less focused.
My head, hidden behind a
Mist of confusion.

Lust, ties my flesh to a
Short-lived romance;
Breaks the defences of my
Fast fleeing heart.
With every longing desire, acted upon,
I awaken regret.

My petals seem so fragrant,
So tangible –
Until they’re plucked, swept up with the
Primal Act.
I am left feeling
Scattered and withered in the
Soft caress;
Hungry lips of promise.

So often have I
Savored the subtle pain,
Of my pieces given,
In every season.
I am weak, and
In my weakness,

I must:
Become a healthy bramble.

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