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Summer Fun

By Jessica Rose

So, you’re wrapping up for the winter, enjoying the spring blooms of cherry, tulip and magnolia scattered amidst the sprouting greenery, and preparing for the busy (or not so busy) summer ahead of you. While many of you will be focused on “raking in the dough” with the influx of tourists this summer, one must remember the importance of self-care and the value of taking time to decompress, to relax and to have fun. Below I’ve listed eight ideas on engaging activities to consider, if you’ve ever got time and drive to get a little creative this summer season


Scan 41. Make Some Tie-Dye!
– Rubber bands.
– White fabric or clothing (T-shirts are great!).
– A water bucket or container for each color used.
– A water bucket or container without dye added.
– Different colored tie-dye pigments (try looking in your local art supply store or fabric shop).
– Plastic trash bags.
– A sink.
– (Optional) Little cups or Empty ketchup bottles.

Pour your dye colors into their respective dye buckets, then add as much water as directed on your dye bottle, or to your own preference.

Take your piece of cloth or clothing and saturate it in the dye-less water bucket. Wring it out and lay it down on a flat surface.

Scrunch and wad the cloth in creative ways, then hold it in place with rubber bands. (There are many ways to scrunch the cloth; specific techniques can easily be found online.)

Take your empty ketchup bottles or little cups, fill them with dye-tinted water and begin dunking, pouring or covering the wadded-up cloth into and over the dye buckets.

Once you’re satisfied with the amount of color on your cloth or clothing, place the wad into a trash bag. Let it sit for 24 hours, then rinse it out in a sink until the colors no longer run. Wring it out and dry. You now have a tie-dye something!

Scan 72. Go To The Beach!
This is probably the quintessential summer activity. Just as much fun to do alone as with a large group of friends, there is no doubt that going to the beach offers a sense of freedom and relaxation for all involved.

Scan 93. Camp In The Woods!
What could be better than using your weekend off to reconnect with nature? Grab the tent, multipurpose tool, some food supplies and brave the woods for a night. Of course, camping at designated sites can be fun too!

Scan 84. Go Fishing!
Grab your tackle boxes, lines and bait. There are so many places in Maine to go fishing, just make sure you’ve got a valid fishing license!


Scan 35. Have A Barbeque!
Call all your friends for a cookout, be it microwaved hot dogs and beef patties, or fresh off the grill steaks. Just cooking and eating summer food with friends outdoors can loosen the nerves and make for a wonderful time!

Scan 26. Go On A Picnic!
Make some lunch and find a comfortable patch of earth to lay your blanket upon and spend some time enjoying the day.

Scan 17. Get Out The Bicycle!
Go for a leisurely stroll around town. Or perhaps a speedy workout is more your style!

Scan8. Make Some Ice Cream
– 1 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
– 1 Cup Half & Half Cream – OR – Milk
– 1/4 Cup White Sugar
– 1/2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract
– (Optional) Chocolate Chips – OR – Other Goodies: To Taste
Coarse/Rock Salt
– 1 Large Bag
– 1 Smaller Bag
– Ice (Preferably Crushed)

Take the cream, milk, sugar, and vanilla extract and mix them all in the smaller bag.

Fill the larger bag halfway with ice and salt. Place the closed, smaller bag containing the ice cream mixture within the larger bag.

Close the larger bag and agitate the mixture for around 15 minutes, OR until the ice cream mixture becomes thick.

Remove the smaller bag and wipe the excess salt and ice off. Empty your now frozen ice cream mixture into a bowl and add in your chocolate chips or goodies of choice.

You now have simple homemade ice cream!

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