Favorite Campus Views

by Zainab Raad

“The Place Where I Feel Peace”

In “Pippi Longstocking,” Astrid Lindgren wrote, “I am the sea and nobody owns me.” As I was sitting on a cute chair and drinking coffee in the morning, the ocean spoke to me. My two friends and I were enjoying the weather and the beautiful view and listening to music; some of the songs were in different languages. My favorite place is the ocean. When I’m feeling annoyed, I go to the ocean. It makes me feel peaceful and beautiful inside.

There were beautiful boats in the ocean. The way they moved in the water made me feel like I wanted to take my shoes off and run to the water to ride one of them. The trees and cute houses around the ocean were stunning; their color and the way they looked made the ocean even prettier.

The ocean is the most beautiful, peaceful place I know. The ocean was so calm and sparkly it looked like a field of diamonds. The weather was so nice and the sun was so strong I got tanned. The sand was sparkling because of the light of the sun, and there were cute little dog footprints. While I was walking with my friends on the sand, I found a beautiful seashell and two amazing rocks. The color of the seashell was a dark blue, like the color of the sky at nighttime, and when I moved it around, it changed color.

I had so much fun. The trees and the flowers smelled very good and fresh, and the air was nice: not too windy, cold, or hot, just perfect. I felt like I was on a vacation. The ocean takes me to a place far from my problems and all pressures.

This is the first of a new column series written by Joni Hewitt’s ESOL class this past summer. Hewitt sent his class out on a mission to explore the SMCC South Portland campus. Their job was to describe their favorite spots on campus and why.


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