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Kindness Korner

By The Kindness Mama


Illustration by Sosanya Pok

Hello, SeaWolves! I would like to welcome all the new students to SMCC, and welcome back all the returning students and staff.

For those of you who do not know me, please let me introduce myself. My name is the Kindness Mama and I write about all things kind. Yes, kindness. We are living in trying times right now. The world is full of evil people doing horrible things, which are constantly being reported on in all the media outlets. I want to change that. I believe we need more random acts of kindness in the world. Now, I cannot change the world, but I can change our little corner of it. Even if only for a few minutes in each issue of The Beacon. I am going to report on random acts of kindness, sightings I witness myself or sightings that are reported to me. So please, all you SeaWolves, get out those investigating eyes and help me spread the word that kindness is alive and well here at SMCC.

If you witness a random act of kindness by a fellow student, faculty person or staff member, just drop me an email at and I will report it in the next issue. If you would like me to use your name, I will gladly give you the credit for the sighting; or if you wish to remain anonymous, I can do that too.

This is all about reporting on positive things being done by kind-hearted people. We all witness kindness in our daily lives — let’s start sharing all that kindness with one another. I will start this off with a random act I witnessed on my first day of classes this semester.

I arrived to SMCC on Tuesday, Sept. 28, at around 11:45 a.m. for a 12:15 Beacon newspaper meeting. I pulled into the parking lot of the Spring Point residential parking lot to find that Servpro had taken up residence in the parking lot. Now on a good day I am usually able to find a parking spot with minimal effort. This was not a good day! This was the second day of classes at SMCC, and parking spots were not going to be easy to find. Oh, and the temperature outside was nearing 90 degrees. I still had 30 minutes to find a parking spot, grab my stuff and make it to Jewett Auditorium.

I decided I would drive around the parking lot one more time, and if I had to, I would go to the other lot by the Early Childhood Education Building. As I was slowly driving by the Ross Technology Building for the first time, I noticed a student sitting on the ground between two cars. I wondered if he was alright. It was hot and very humid out. Why would someone want to sit on the hot black pavement, in the hot sun, when he could have been inside any of the many air-conditioned buildings we have on campus?

I soon received my answer. After circling back around for the second time, I noticed the student who was sitting on the ground was now standing by one vehicle with the hood up and another student was unlocking their car door, and soon the hood was being raised on the second car. The student who was sitting on the pavement was waiting to help a friend jumpstart his car, on one of the hottest days we have had this summer.

Now that, my fellow SeaWolves, that is a random act of kindness. This student did not have to wait outside in the heat. He could have easily gone to any of the very close and air-conditioned buildings and waited. Why he didn’t, I will never know, but soon the car was jumped and the driver of the car that needed the boost pulled out of the parking spot, waved to his friend and words were exchanged. I, however, did not hear what was being said, as I had my car’s air-conditioning blasting. I did, however, express a sigh of relief, as I finally had found a parking spot; I could make the Beacon meeting and actually be able to sit in the nice, cool air-conditioned auditorium and just relax while I waited for the meeting to begin.

So actually, the student sitting on the pavement did two random acts of kindness. He gave a boost to the friend with the dead battery and then, because of the boost, the friend was able to leave, and I got his friend’s parking spot. It was a double random act of kindness. If he did not jump the friend’s car, the friend would have had not been able to leave and I would have had to walk across two parking lots and most likely have arrived late for the meeting.

Now it is your turn. As you are going to and from your classes, keep your eyes open for any random acts of kindness and report them to me. The email address one more time is Thank you and I look forward to reading about all the kindness happening here at SMCC. Till next issue, “Just be kind to one another.”

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