Saving $$$ By the Pound

by Jessica Spoto

As college students,


Illustration by Eden Dyer

we often stress over money, but what if there was a way to decrease the stress while getting the things you still need and want? My name is Jessica Spoto. I am an SMCC student; an avid couponer; a nonstop bargain hunter, dealer seeker and thrifter.  I am here to tell you about ways to live in luxury and comfortably while not breaking the bank.

There is this beautiful little gem of a place hidden in an industrial area of Gorham, Maine. This place is Goodwill Buy the Pound, also known as the Goodwill outlet. It is a wonderland full of quality items that the shopper can buy per pound. For instance, clothing is only $1.39 per pound. The prices vary from category to category, such as books, clothes, and housewares.

The items are brought out in large bins (see picture). Now, it could seem cluttered and dirty at first, but these are just all the items that didn’t sell at local Goodwill stores. I would recommend bringing a pair of gloves, just to be safe, and definitely pack some hand sanitizer for after you’re done shopping.

Goodwill Buy the Pound is only about 30 minutes away from SMCC — not too long of a trip for some sweet, cheap but quality deals. So grab your friends and make a trip out there. Trust me, it’s so worth it.

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