Spring Point Hall Is Back!

By Zachary J. Guiod

It must have been a difficult start to the year for many students who were living in a hotel or in Surfsite when they expected to be chilling in Springpoint. But your trying times are soon to be over because Spring Point is open for business on the 15th! Move-in time is 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. and it is important, if you are a student who has been in a hotel, to vacate your hotel room by 12 p.m. on Saturday so the hotel staff can clean your rooms for future guests. And if you’re busy on Saturday and can’t move that day, just email and make arrangements to move your stuff out of the hotel and into a specially designated college storage area by Friday.

To make up for the rocky start to the year, there are going to be some special events to make up for the Welcome Week events that were postponed. On Sunday the 16th there’s going to be a screening of “Black Panther” at Jewett Auditorium that starts at 8. Tuesday the 18th is Trivia Night, which begins at 7:30 at the Oceanview Dining Hall. And if you thought the fun stops there, you’re wrong! Wednesday the 19th is Craft Night, where you can design your own doorstop, whiteboards and tie-dye shirts. So make sure to be outside of Oceanview Dining Hall at 6 p.m. so you don’t miss it.

All of us at The Beacon are happy to hear this good news, and I’m sure many of you are too. The friendly atmosphere at Spring Point has been missed by all the students, those who live there and those who want somewhere to chill between classes and play pool or ping-pong. The old saying is true, you really don’t appreciate something until it’s gone. I’m sure many of us are going to appreciate the great vibes at Spring Point a lot more when it opens on the 15th.

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