Political Reasoning for College Students

By Loraine Aceto

Award shows such as the Emmys and Oscars are so political nowadays. Isn’t politics redundant and not relevant to the purpose of award shows being entertainment, cinematography and movies? One could argue that the politics that these award shows are talking about is political activism; however, political activism should include both sides of politics. A very large number of viewers that may have enjoyed the entertainment, movies and cinematography could agree that political activism is great no matter what political status — however, at a political event, not at a entertainment award show event. These award shows can even lose viewers that may have different views because of the political liberal bias promoted in these award shows.

According to Statista, “26.5 million Americans watched the Academy Awards ceremony in 2018, from 32.9 million a year earlier.” In Statista’s chart, there were 46.33 million viewers in the year 2000. Could this be due to the fact that award shows are so political now? Research says most likely. 50 percent of award shows are now politically liberal.

Either include both sides when talking politics at award shows or don’t talk about liberal politics during award shows: It is redundant to entertainment and loses viewers who may believe differently in the long run! Workplaces don’t allow talking about politics because that’s part of professionalism. Political activism is a right every person has as an American. However, pushing a liberal leftist political agenda only is not these celebrities’ jobs!

Celebrities pushing their one-sided political agendas during award shows influence young voters; celebrity endorsements can ultimately change the fan’s view of political parties to join the left. With the primary elections coming up, fundamental and important news needs to be brought up that celebrities at award shows, talk show hosts and even stand up comedians don’t talk about.

How amazing is the fact that no matter what ethnic background we are from as Americans, we are all already equal under the law. Division between races of who is more privileged, who is less privileged based on the color of an individual’s skin color is racism.

Black Lives Matter’s goal and message is that police officers are oppressing people based of their skin color. Black Lives Matter is racism.

According to, “An officer cannot arrest someone just because she or he feels like it or has a vague hunch that someone might be a criminal. Police officers have to be able to justify their arrest usually by showing some tangible evidence that led them to probable cause. … Generally, police officers are only allowed to use the minimum amount of force necessary to protect themselves and bring the suspect into police custody. This is why people are advised to never resist an arrest or argue with police.” According to Statistica, 457 white people were shot by police officers based on not complying, while 223 blacks were shot by police officers in 2017. Two-hundred eleven white people have been shot recently in 2018, while 102 black people have been shot by police officers for not complying; while Hispanics and others are much lower.

An example of raising awareness of the hate racially biased communities are spreading towards the law (which is corruption) is an event that happened very recently in South Portland. An anonymous source reported that on August 28 between 9 and 10 p.m., at the corner of Running Hill Road and Maine Mall Road, multiple police cruisers were present at a gas station parking lot. A black male was standing on the street corner yelling at the police, ‘They saw what was in my hand and that was all they needed to come after me! It’s time we make a stand against this!’ implying that the police were racist and harassed him because he was black. The anonymous source was not present for the situation and did not fully observe it.

We as college students, especially with the election coming up, need to politically reason and see news from the conservative view. Celebrities that only talk about one political view are influencing young students, and the diminishing number of viewers that watch awards shows now is most likely due to their political biased agenda.

What these celebrities, stand-up comedians and news channels aren’t telling you is that they are tearing down statues by saying that they are “racist” and promoting corruption by not obeying the law, hating America and choosing feeling over fact instead of already believing we are all equal, which we are.

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