There She Is, Miss… Competition?

By Loraine Aceto

Miss America has made some major changes to the structure of their pageant… er, competition. A beauty pageant is a competition as well, however, based on judging the physical appearance, physical fitness and style of the contestants; additionally in beauty pageants, contestants are judged on poise, intelligence, confidence, personality traits and, sometimes, talent.

Believe me, I know — I was a former pageant contestant for Miss Maine USA 2018 myself. I and the other contestants worked very hard to build and condition my physical fitness, promoted confidence to all contestants, learned about personality, charisma, and confidence, some even learned about how to do hair, makeup, nails. In January 2018, former Miss America winner Gretchen Carlson was elected as the new chairwoman of the organization. In June 2018, the Miss America Organization was reformed, inspired by the “Me Too Movement” and 21st century feminism; the pageant is now a “competition” with no bikini or evening gown competitions. For evening gown, candidates can wear whatever they want. The “candidates” will no longer be judged on physical appearance. Which is no longer a beauty pageant! I’m confused on what Miss America is judging on. Miss America claims to not be a beauty pageant and that they are not judging on appearance but if so, why is the judging also based on evening gowns? Miss America wants “empowerment” for women. However, is it empowerment or oppression to not be able to wear a bikini? Wearing a bathing suit is actually empowering to women because they confidently strut their physical fitness. Why promote unhealthy bodies instead of physical fitness? Looks are not everything, the most important is what is on the inside but confidence is key and gives so much empowerment to be proud of physical fitness and outer beauty can exist too, women shouldn’t be banned to be attractive and express confidence at the same time.This is a politically liberal rigged event now. Miss USA (actual beauty pageant) is better, I can say as a former contestant.

The winner of the pageant was Miss New York, Nia Franklin, a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where she studied music composition. Best of luck to the actually very smart and beautiful Nia Franklin, Miss USA, although this pageant has changed drastically. What do you think? Should the Miss America Organization eliminate all the beauty portions of this contest and only judge on intelligence, which is now not a beauty pageant?

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