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Things Your Mother Told You (But You Forgot)

As a nontraditional student, my perspective being on campus full time is different than the majority of my younger peers. I see and experience college life through the eyes of a 50-year-old Mom — and what I see saddens me on some days and makes me angry on others.

I try to be kind and generous, thoughtful and respectful; but most importantly, polite. I raised my children to say “yes please,” “thank you,” “excuse me” and “no thanks.” I expected them to be respectful of their family, friends, strangers and the places they frequent. As a mom, I’d ask you to think about how your actions and politeness affect the people around you. Are you respecting their time and their opinions as you want them to respect everything about you, and are you being polite to the people around you?

– Clean up after yourself — the spills on the table in the common areas, and the oatmeal you left in the sink in the bathroom.

– If you ask someone to give you a ride somewhere, be on time. Don’t make them wait five, 10, or even 15 minutes — be at the agreed upon place at the agreed-upon time so your ride isn’t kept waiting.

– If you’re involved in a class discussion and another student is talking, don’t interrupt repeatedly. Let them finish their thought. Wait for a break in the conversation to speak.

– Hold the door for the person walking out the door behind you.

– Say “excuse me,” “yes please” and “no thank you” whenever appropriate. It will make a difference!

While you may not think that the people around you are affected by your actions, whichever side of the respectful line they fall on, they most certainly are! Try holding the door, or say “thank you” when someone holds it for you; say “excuse me” when you’re squeezing between people standing in line, or “yes please” (or “no thank you”) when someone offers you something. Just be nice, be polite — and remember the manners your parents taught you.

This students has asked to remain anonymous, however The Beacon is aware of their identity.

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