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From The Desk of The Managing Editors

By Zaq G. & Celina S.

Educational theorist Alexander W. Astin’s student involvement theory suggests that students who are more actively involved in a student organization, spend a lot of time on campus, and frequently interact with teachers and other students will gain more “student learning and personal development.” It also states that “the principal advantage of the student involvement theory over traditional pedagogical approaches… is that it directs attention away from subject matter and technique and toward the motivation and behavior of the student.”

One of the best parts about student involvement is meeting new people. It’s nice to come across new personalities and see familiar faces around campus. You get to meet people who share similar interests, who you probably would’ve never met otherwise. Who knows, one of those long-time friendships could come out of it.

During Zaq’s first two years at SMCC, he wasn’t involved in any school activities. He had what he thought were valid reasons as well. He was too busy with classes and work to handle anything else. He wasn’t thinking about what getting more involved could do for me. He waited until my last semester at SMCC to be more engaged with my school and it is something that he regrets.

Writing for The Beacon has been one of the highlights of Zaq’s college career so far. He made new friends that I wouldn’t have made if I was still uninvolved like during my first two years at school. Zaq got to interview a candidate running for U.S. Senate, Zak Ringelstein, and meet our next governor, Janet Mills. And he hasn’t even been doing this for a full semester! Don’t miss out like Zaq did. Get active in your school and your community.

You never realize how much more motivating it can be to find a way to become involved in your community. The easiest way to become more involved here at SMCC is to join clubs! On your My Maine Guide on the SMCC website, there is on option under “Student Life” that will give you a list of all the clubs on campus. (And check out The Beacon for club ads!)

We believe that students need to become more involved in their school. Join a club, play a sport, become a student senator, or write for The Beacon! You never know what you will get out of it.

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