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By Magella Cantara

Through the last few months there have been a lot of singles that have dropped, such as Ariana Grande with her song “Thank u, Next” Halsey with her song “Without Me” & Lauren Jauregui with her song “Expectations”.

Personally I took a liking to these songs and particular artists not just because of their songs but who they are as artists. Each of these artists released songs that fall into the category of relationships and the complications that come with them. What’s stood out the most with these female artists is that these are their original songs that they wrote coming from their hearts and raw emotions. Music like this is able to relate to people making not only the fans but the artists feel less alone. Since Halsey released “Without Me” there isn’t a day that goes by that I won’t listen to it. It’s about giving someone more than they’re giving back and the other person takes advantage of it. I believe it is safe to say that in any friendship or relationship this happens more than people like to admit. It’s a song like this that empowers someone to stand up when put in that position.

Ariana’s song “Thank u, Next” it’s about thanking your exes and the experiences you’ve gained from that previous relationship by encouraging the fact that it’s ok to move on, to take what you’ve learned and use it to better benefit yourself, that every loss doesn’t have to be. Lauren Jauregui has released “Expectations” since her split from 5th Harmony. Her song is about having expectations in a relationship and that sometimes those expectations is what can kill it altogether. She also mentions being able to talk about things without confrontation. By this she means there doesn’t have to be a fight but that there’s a more honest way to understand your partner through better communication instead. In pop culture these women are climbing the charts drastically making history even. Each of these artists has their own voice but come together in their lyrics and meaning behind them. For anyone who hasn’t heard these songs should give them a listen for whatever you may be going through, I guarantee you will be able to say “I’ve felt that too” and for that these women have done their jobs of feeling things and making art a beautiful success.

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