“Students 4 Democratic Socialism” Comes to Campus

By The Beacon Staff

Started by Maximillian Salunek and Tiffanie Bentley, Students 4 Democratic Socialism (S4), is a student organization whose goal is to empower and educate students in grass-roots organizing. The first two seeds of activism have already sprouted.

On Saturday the 19th, the International Women’s Strike called for the formation of “Feminism for the 99%’ contingents to participate in this year’s Women’s Marches around the world. Students 4 Democratic Socialism (S4) co-hosted this contingent in the Portland’s Women’s March this Saturday.

Two students have started s study group based on the book The Meaning of Marxism by Paul D’Amato. The students meet every Saturday from 3-5pm in Preble Room 205. The study group is open to all students, faculty, and staff who are interested in Marxist-Leninist theory. This week they will be discussing Chapters 5-6, although if you are just curious about the group and want to check it out, you don’t have to do the reading. Just join them.

If you are interested in receiving updates from Students 4 Democratic Socialism (S4) including notifications of upcoming events, please email Tiffany Bentley at:

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