The Kindness Korner

By The Kindness Mama

Welcome Back Sea Wolves! Happy 2019! I hope you all had a relaxing break and are ready to begin the Spring 2019 semester. By the print date of this issue you have at least one week of class under your belt. By now you should have made the decisions of whether to keep the classes you signed up for or dropped them and have chosen new ones.

If this is your first semester here at SMCC, I bid you a Hearty Maine Hello and welcome! I hope you have settled into your dorm or living area and have made a few new friends.
This semester I am going to try something new. I know you are all so very busy with your classes, your work schedules and having a bit of fun. I know time is limited. I also know that you Beacon readers have witnessed Random acts of Kindness throughout your day. I am putting up two Little boxes of Kindness. Now you can drop your sightings in the boxes.

The Little Boxes of kindness can be found in two locations. One is in the Spring Harbor entrance area on the RA desk and the other can be found at the Library in the Tutoring Center by the sign in computer. The library and tutoring center is located on the second floor of the Campus Center. Just write or type a Kindness sighting on a piece of paper Please include the date and approximate time of the sighting. Give as much information as possible.

You still can email me your sightings. Either way you have the option to leave your name or you can remain anonymous.

The Random acts of Kindness I would like to report is on what is happening to many of the government employees. A local bank is offering Federal employees interest free loans during the government shut down. I am sure that many of you know someone who has been affected, by this government shut down. I know a few myself. Food pantries are being visited in record numbers across all 50 states. Here in Maine many are seeing lots of first timers. Some of the first timers visiting were the ones making donations in months pasted.

Now it is your turn please tell me your random acts of kindness sightings. Maybe you witnessed a random act of Kindness on campus, or maybe you were the recipient of one. Could it be you were the giver and want to share your story. Whatever the kindness is I want to hear it. Please drop me an email at You can also drop your sightings in the “new” Little Kindness Boxes. How you decide to contact is up to you, but I want to hear about your sightings.

Our time on Mother Earth is Short, let’s all treat each other with Kindness! We all have a choice, I chose to be kind, always!


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