Make a Change

By Magella Cantara
Obviously, there are some things on campus that aren’t available and need to be. For instance there’s not a counselor or a nurse on campus available for students to go to if needed. As a student at SMCC do you feel comfortable living on campus knowing this? How might your parents feel? Sending their kid off to college when the school cannot reassure them they’re providing a safe place for their child to go away from home.
If you’re a student at SMCC the Student Senate encourages you to get involved and join! There’s meetings at 4:30 afternoon on Tuesday in the Jewett Auditorium on the South Portland Campus, just show up and sit in. There’s paperwork you can receive after, once the meeting is over. Get the 25 required signatures to be able to sign in and be a part of the votes. There needs to be more bodies and voices for opinion. Be apart of the change, not the problem. If there’s something you see as a student that the administrators and teachers cannot see because they don’t live it the way students do, more issues can be addressed.
As a student here, I understand that there are a lot of complaints about the dining hall food, mold in dorms, laundry, parking etc.
These are just simple basics that would be a good place to start.
Starting with the dining hall, there should be better management in terms of the kitchen. In terms of food, it’s not that it’s inedible but the fact that they let it sit for an extended period of time. There is a culinary program here at SMCC, where students could be benefiting their experience by preparing food fresh rather than preparing it to sit.
Mold in the dorms at Surfsite should be self explanatory, since the mold shouldn’t be there in the first place. Try to help this issue by funding to keep Surfsite up to date with better maintenance of the building.
Touching back on the Surfsite dorm there are only three washers and three dryers in the entire building. For there to be 200-300 students living in this dorm, three dryers for doing laundry just doesn’t cut it. Not to mention something should be done about the system used that makes us pay for laundry. Not everyone nowadays carries a five-dollar bill. We have our student IDs, which could be a way of paying to do laundry the way we pay for food in the cafe and dining hall.
Parking is a major issue on campus. Getting tickets because there is literally no parking spots because they are all filled by the time its 11 a.m. is not fair to the students who live on campus. Then it becomes unfair to the people who live off campus and drive to school.
Want these issues resolved? It’s simple: Join the Student Senate.

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