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Winter Fashion

By Loraine Aceto
Solve this riddle: I sit astride, but on what I don’t know and I jump off whenever I meet an acquaintance. What am I? Could be a shirt or a hat! Speaking of those clothes, let’s talk fashion! Fashion is a style especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, hairstyle, body, makeup. Fashion is a constant trend in which capita present themselves. On a more modern topic, let’s talk fashion specifically occuring….winter fashion.
Big is in! Want to stand out from the crowd? Oversized coats are hegemonizing the catwalk. Match a blouse with ankle cuffed pants layered with an oversized coat for a luxurious look, or a chunky knit sweater with pants. Layers, layers, and layers count and so do eye catching colors and patterns. Fashion designers like Marni, Marc Jacobs, Maison Margiela, and Stella Mccartney have worked their magic into oversized coats.
Statement sleeves with ruffles, exaggerated puffs, capes, and bare shoulders add quirky fun to the traditional suit. Sometimes, jumpsuits are designed like designer, Ulla Johnson’s, full jean jumpsuit with ruffled sleeves and Philosophy’s black velvet romper short set with the light pink, bold ruffled sleeves. Also, a multicolored Marni blouse with hyperbolic wrists and a Gucci varsity sweater with buoyant, pleated arms are noticed both on the runway and on the streets.
According to GQ Magazine, on the first day of London Fashion Week Men, there were countless denim suits. Sixties style denim jackets with patch pockets and camped collars paired with slim cut jeans is everywhere. It’s all about the double denim.
Wenam Hogg tailoring as in flannel or window plane check grey suits for men is also quite in this season, a bit “off duty banker” chic. For the best examples of this look, look at Versace. Their suits are worn with neon accessories to add a nice effect. Dolce & Gabbana’s look is a bit more smartened up with a white colored dress shirt and a black tie inside the suit. Fendi also has some great examples with black dress shoes, a black belt, a sweater underneath, and even a plain white baseball cap.
For a winter-weather appropriate look, knitwear is one of this season’s hottest trends with a mixture of comfort and elegance. Chunkiness is key. Knitwear sweaters are popularly worn with skirts or dresses underneath. For men or women, with jeans or pants. Knitwear dresses are common as well, as seen on Chanel, and sometimes are made with built in scarves at the neck or a replica scarf.
Shine bright like a diamond. Let the sequins light up from mini dresses to jumpsuits to victorian era type gowns. This is a very extra and vintage, club-type look. Giorgio Armani does a wonderful job with this look, creating a diamond sequined tuxedo.
The latest controversial fight is the trend towards fake fur. Fashion is going green with fake fur and for a good cause. Fake fur jackets match good with sunglasses, a white blouse tucked into a black Gucci leather belt, and washed jeans. Fake fur jackets are seen with sweater dresses, bodycon dresses, two piece tube top with a bodycon skirt, or a flowy floral dress. Even with a plain white t-shirt and jeans or a sweater for sweaters are really in this season as well especially knitwear. Fake fur jackets add glamour to even the most basic of outfits.
Actor, Jude Law, was recently spotted with a style resembling a young, airport-style pope on his way to Italy. He raided his wardrobe in a way to die for in his outfit in a comfortable, original, and confident way. His outfit consisted of an Urban Outfitters essential knit beanie, which can be found in blue or (how Jude Law wore it) white, a Lardini class, double-breasted coat in brown, Garrett Leight Wilson sunglasses, Stan Ray fatigue pants, Uniqlo ribbed socks, and Oliver Cabell Low 1 sneakers with an Everlane Twill weekender bag. As Coco Chanel says, “If you want to be original, get ready to be copied.”
The blue collar society wearing the styles of a construction site and, believe it or not, are quite voguish. Vogue says, “Think full-on hi-vis orange with reflective safety strips and plastic work boots.” Designer brands Prada, Burberry, and Calvin Klein made such creations. As found on Instagram, designer/stylist and entrepreneur Manuel Antonio had a fashion show called “Neon Nights” with his signature aesthetics. All designs in this fashion show were construction wear influenced with fluorescent, reflective colors like neon yellow and orange. For example, one of the designer’s pieces featured a neon yellow long sleeve mini dress with reflective stripes on the waist, shoulders, and the mid arms with a silver, seatbelt-like belt at the waist, matched with heels that had clear plastic at the bridge of the feet and neon yellow ribbon tied at the ankles.
Revolutionary, free spirit, 1960’s showcase patterns, patterns, patterns such as argyle, Houndstooth broken checks, and colorful patches. Dior had created a mid skirt made entirely of colorful patches paired with a white lace blouse, a long leather jacket, black leather boots, tinted sunglasses, and a newsboy cap.
Youth techno is a colorful festival featuring quirky architectural designs and technical materials, according to Vogue. Balmain makes the best representation of this look: a metallic organza material bodycon dress with rainbow colors like cerise pink, lime green, and veronica purple, separated with strips of black at the side, middle, and inside of the arms. Additionally, in between the chest and the arms, there are a couple stripes of cerise pink and Veronica purple. This pattern continues throughout the dress and black stripes outline the curves of the piece at the hips. The model is seen with black leggings underneath and latex thigh-high boots. A truly stylish and one of a kind piece with a “Fluoro kids Day-glo inspiration” (Vogue).
For men and women, a variety of different pants such as cargo, slacks, and khaki’s are one solid color. For example, tan, black, or olive green would have stripes on the sides in bold colors like red or blue.
Holographic jackets have been seen in trendy stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Fashion Nova, especially for the youth. Along with race car jackets which are really popular in Forever 21.
“Tiger print is the defining trend of 2019” (Harper’s Bazaar) Tiger print or in general animal print. Tiger print, leopard print, and snakeskin have been the trend. Victoria Beckham wears a calf-grazing, collared shirt dress from her own collection in leopard print and Kylie Jenner’s famous look with the leopard print Rat and Boa brand dress in a sheer material. For this season, this look can be paired with layers or even a fake fur jacket.
What did the cab driver wear to the ball? A taxido! A prevailing mode of clothing…that is fashion. Fashion is a long term influencer and these winter fashion trends are what’s in this season. We might even see these looks on our SMCC Campus.

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