A Human Wall Should Stand Together, Not Separate

By Magella Cantara

We will build a Human Wall if necessary. If we had a real Wall, this would be a non-event!” This is a statement our President tweeted a week ago.

We are all familiar with the wall Trump plans to build along the southern border. With this idea Trump has tweeted, this will cause our country to be put into more debt, as if our country wasn’t in enough already.

Trump truly believes that having a human wall would be just as convenient as a steel one. This contradicts what he is striving to accomplish.

He is going as far as gathering people with the same perspective. This represents the Americans who believe what he says and though there isn’t anything wrong with people believing in what they want, this shines a light on something those people overlook.

Bringing in people with the same bigotry shows he cannot stand alone in what he believes in. He needs the support of followers that are one-sided on his behalf.If he believed in himself and this Wall, it would surely fix all of the countries problems regarding immigration, right?

Trump’s reality of this wall seems like a reasonable solution, however, he’s failing to realize the fact that people will find a way to get into our country no matter what. People who come from countries with poor economies don’t have the money or resources needed to live in the U.S.

Rather than being more understanding with the people who want to come into this country, Trump is still in the mindset of a company.

Instead of standing with what our country means, he’s disregarding what our Statue of Liberty was made for.

Putting a wall up is a logical solution from his perspective. For the people on the other side of the wall they see it as a loss of hope. He’s keeping our country divided, not united.

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