From the Desk of the Managing Editor

By Celina Simmons


Photo BY Michelle Kapschull

February is such a conflicting month of the year. We are snowed in half the time, getting teased with momentary glimpses of warm weathered days, and if that’s not frustrating enough, most of us are drowning in school work.

Winter can be fun if you’re the type of person who takes part in activities like snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling. But what if winter activities just aren’t your forte? Where does that leave those who prosper in the warmth of the sun? I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve just about had enough of this “cabin fever.”

Luckily, I have met a fellow Beacon friend who loves to find those hole-in-the-wall places throughout Portland. If you’re the type of person who’s constantly craving an adventure, winter seems too static to handle and things start turning grey in your mind. Thanks to my eclectic friend, I’m learning that no matter what the weather is outside, there’s always an adventure just waiting to be taken on.

For the past couple weeks, we have attended Port Veritas’ open mic poetry nights. They happen every Tuesday at a restaurant in Downtown Portland called Bull Feeney’s. We met so many diverse people that share our intrigue in poetry and since we all share our writings with each other, it’s as if I’ve known them for longer than two weeks.

But poetry is not the only option. Through different venues’ Facebook pages, such as The Apohadion Theater or Space, you can find random and inexpensive events on any random night. Just last week, we saw three different bands/performers that I had never heard of at The Apohadion. It was one of those experiences that just can’t be planned ahead.

The point is, you cannot keep yourself constrained to the limits of your comfort. If cabin fever is getting the best of you, indulge in the pursuit of finding something to do. After all, Portland is a very aesthetic city. Why not explore what it offers?

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