Astrology Check

By Celina Simmons

A lot of cosmic energy is in store for us this March that we need to try to flow with. It’s going to be a busy month with the New Moon, Mercury Retrograde, and Spring Equinox! As long as we stay in tune with our mind, body, and spirit and trust these energies will guide us to where we are meant to be, we can embrace these unexpected twists and changes.


Illustration by Noddyjonnyshumor

The first major astrological event we see take place this month is the Mercury Retrograde in the Pisces zodiac on the 5th. We experienced Mercury in retrograde at the beginning of last semester, which touched upon in previous issues. This time around should be very similar.

Mercury will stay in retrograde until March 28 and during this time, the planet slows down, creating the illusion of it moving backwards.
Take this analogy to get a better understanding of what a planet retrograding means: if you were in one car and another speeds past, you can see that it’s moving faster than you. But if it slows down and you pass it, the illusion occurs that the other car is moving backwards. In this instance, Mercury is the car that speeds past us and then slows down.

This planet rules over areas such as technology, travel, communication, and formal agreements. Mercury is in a “sleeping state” while retrograding, resulting in these activities to be scrambled without the planet to supervise. During this time, it is best to slow down, assess and reassess any big changes regarding those areas, and proceed with caution.

Immediately after Mercury begins retrograding, a New Moon in the Pisces zodiac will occur on the 6th. Not only that, Uranus will move into the Taurus zodiac and stay there until 2026. Let’s talk about the New Moon first.

According to foreverconscious.com, “this is a big cosmic day and represents the start of a grand new cycle.” The Pisces zodiac carries strong energies of selflessness and spirituality. Many people who are Pisces tend to focus on their “inner journey.” If you recall from previous Astrology Checks, New Moons simply represent new beginnings. With this in mind, pay attention to any messages from your mind, body, and soul, and tend to them as you need to, to maintain balance for this new beginning.

Now let’s tackle what Uranus moving into Taurus means. Typically, when a massive planet like Uranus shifts signs, drastic cosmic waves are sent out in the Universe that we can feel. Outer planets like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto send off energies that inspire us to go beyond our limitations.

Astrodynamics.net states that, “on a personal level, Uranus demands that we find our own path that is our exclusive authentic journey, breaking away from the shackles of the expectations that force us to live a life that is not true for the individual that we know ourselves to be.” Pay attention to what the energies sent from this shift are trying to teach you and embody it.

The last astrological event I would like to talk about is the good ole’ Spring Equinox. At last, warm weather is so close and yet so far away. We have to remember that we are in Maine and sometimes (or most times) spring doesn’t feel like spring.

The Sun enters Aries during this Equinox and begins a new zodiac cycle. This is considered to be the start of a new year in astrology. The Aries sign represents energy and youthfulness, which go hand in hand with the blooming of spring weather. We tend to associate this Spring Equinox with a fresh start so take advantage of that. Use the slowly creeping warm weather and Aries’ energy to create a fresh start for yourself going into this new year.

Although there will be a lot of busy and confusing moments this month, stay in touch with your own inner journey and signs that your mind, body, and soul are trying to show you. I will end on the same advice I always give; maintain trust in the Universe and that it will take you where you need to go.

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