Campus News

Art Club’s Big Plans

By Celina Simmons

On April 27, the Art Club is planning to travel to Boston for the day to enjoy the plethora of art that is present in the city. Their goal for the day is to go visit museums and galleries in the area and spend the day appreciating art.

Members of the club are planning fundraisers every two to three weeks, selling different homemade accessories, from pins and buttons to necklaces and earrings. They will also be selling prints that some of the members made of their original drawings. Not only that, they are selling random little things. For example, they sold huge Rice Krispie treats the first week and intend to sell baby succulent plants!

This excursion is not the only reason for fundraising. They are hoping to bring awareness to fellow students that they are a fully recognized club and are always welcoming new members. New members would bring many benefits to the club, one of which being the more the merrier on the Boston trip! They would like to see AT LEAST 10 to 15 new faces in the club, but once again, everyone is more than welcome. With 20 students on board for the day-trip to Boston, they can qualify for a group discount on bus tickets, on top of the student discounts!

On the 27th, the idea is to leave Portland early in the morning, and depart from Boston late in the evening. What benefits does this trip entail? When asked, Emily Plourde, who is an active member of the Art Club, explained, “The benefits are, well, Art. In my opinion, Art has many different forms, from graphic design and the sequential, to the abstract and reality. From the tiniest doodle to a mural on the side of a building, and all of it deserves to be recognized.”

All artists, whether illustrators, sculptors, or designers, follow the same basic principles and use them in an extensive amount of ways. According to Emily, this is what makes art so cool. So, if you create art in comics, sketches, graphic design, sculpting, or painting, you will always be welcomed and appreciated in Art Club.

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