Some Finals Just Happen to Be More Fun Than Others

By The Beacon Staff

While students in the physics, business and computer technology classes are cramming for finals, as were students across both campuses, students in Chuck Ott’s Drawing I class are working on their large representational abstractions for their final projects.


The drawings, which measure 30 by 60 inches, can be done with any combination of traditional drawing materials, such as graphite and charcoal pencils, willow and compressed charcoal, India ink, and color chalk pastels.

The drawing students base their drawings on objects they find on the beach outside of the Studio Arts building and use the shapes, values, textures and color of the objects in order to create a compositionally dynamic drawing that utilizes an undulating surface with the aim of having visual crispness and clarity.
Architecture student Olivia Kierstead reflected on the drawing as, “not a normal type of drawing that one might do in Drawing I. The assignment gives me the opportunity to experiment with shapes, value, and color in a way that brings the drawing to life.”

Jessica Eley, an Environmental Science student, sees her time in drawing “as one that has taught me patience while letting my body move freely, both of which has helped me to build my drawing abilities.” 

Ott commented on the project as one “in which the student has a greater range to experiment with mark-making and the descriptive qualities of the objects they choose to draw while giving them an opportunity to play with color. While the size of the paper is intimidating to some of the students, after they dive in and start the drawing those feelings are replaced with wanting to complete a drawing that sings.”

Students in Chuck Ott’s Drawing class working on their finals.
Left Top photo: Jessica Gipson and Samuel Johnson. Middle top photo: Olivia Kierstead. Middle bottom photo: Ashley Rier. Bottom photo: Jessica Eley

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