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Student Senate: Meet the New Leadership

By Wilson Frankwell

Above: Members of the old and new Student Senate Executive Board. In order from left to right: Tyler O’Brien, Celina Simmons, William Chabot, Leah Parrish, Conner Hudson, Joshua Parks, Tanay Soucie-Porter and Nate Russell. Right: New Executive Board members of the Student Senate.

When you hear the term “Student Senate,” it may be easy to immediately think of “X-Files”-esque Illuminati figures operating in the shadows to decide something sinister, like how difficult our final exams will be. Fortunately that is not the case, and the Student Senate is an accessible and important part of our esteemed campus.

The Senate is comprised of student body and club representatives who come together every week to allocate funds to different activities by the clubs on our campus. But that alone is not all they do. In the past year they hosted two candidates for Governor, worked to pass Question 5 so our campus could receive funding and organized a holiday food drive.

The Senate leadership is comprised of five Executive Officers who each come with their own unique duties — President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Director of Public Relations and Director of Records. With the end of this Semester, our 2018-2019 Executive Board are moving on and a new Executive Board has been selected.

Leading the charge as President of the Student Senate is Joshua Parks. Having served in the Senate since 2016, including as the Senate’s Director of Public Relations and Treasurer, Joshua Parks brings a wealth of experience with him as he takes the reins.

Serving as Vice-President is Conner Hudson, a Political Science student and incoming RA. Conner comes to the position after having led the charge on actively asking the college to provide a nurse on campus, a cause he will continue to advocate for in the coming year.

Tanay Soucie-Porter is new to the Senate this year, but has no lack of life experience. Currently in her second semester of nursing school, Tanay worked as a CNA for 10 years and hopes to channel this life experience to become the best Treasurer the Senate has had to date.

Photos By Prof. Herb Adams

Tyler O’Brien will be coming in as Director of Public Relations. As a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps, Tyler came to the Senate as President of Astronomy Club and saw an opportunity to serve our school on the Executive Board.

Celina Simmons is no stranger to the written word, having been the Managing Editor of The Beacon for the past three semesters. Now we are fortunate enough to have her put her skills to use as our Senate’s Director of Records. Celina joined the Senate with the intention of helping our community.

No doubt the varying backgrounds of our 2019-2020 Executive Board will bring great value to our campus, and at the risk of editorializing, I must say: I am quite excited to see what they will accomplish.

If you are interested in working alongside this team of student leaders to make our campus a better place in the next academic year, all it takes is 25 signatures if you want to be a Student Body Representative or just fill out paperwork declaring which club you’d represent. Joining the Student Senate is easy and a phenomenal resume builder!

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