Unexpected Connections The SMCC Theater Showcase

By Liam Woodorth-Cook

On Thursday, May 2, the one-credit theater intensity class (THEA 106) preformed three scenes called “Unexpected Connections.” Despite a sudden absence of one of the actors, the group continued the show.

The first scene was a scene from “Stop Kiss” by Diana Son. Robin Mackusick and Cailyn Burke led an awkward and romantic first meeting between two women in NYC. They held tension through delivery of lines and stage directions; a high point was when they each rested their faces close together for a second before breaking. The scene was received by the audience with laughter throughout.

The second scene was from Christopher Durang’s “Beyond Therapy.” Due to one actor not being able to make it, there was a fill from Bowen Greenleaf reading from script. Opposite Greenleaf was Carolyn Hopkins. In “Stop Kiss,” the awkwardness was comedic from the tension that the characters were interested in each other. In “Beyond Therapy,” the tension and awkwardness was over the outrageously bad date. Bluntness, bias, and hilarity filled the scene. “I like your breasts” is a hell of an opener. The nerdy, bisexual and clearly amiss character played by Greenleaf thought the date was getting on famously with the anti-gay macho man-loving character played wonderfully by a stone-faced Hopkins. The climax? Glasses of water being splashed by both actors.

The last scene was from “The Breakfast Club” by John Hughes. In this scene was Greenleaf (offbook), Madison Edmunds, Isaiah Soule, Michael Herrick and Alicia Fournier. As the gang clashes sharing secrets and dissing one another, one can hope they all learn something about themselves. The diverse range of characters all had shining moments of honesty, displaying the actors’ comfort in showing emotions. They wonderfully filled the stage of Jewett Auditorium, pacing back and forth and swapping seats.

Having met once a week for this one-credit course, our peers pulled off a delightful performance, humorous and sincere. The acting professor, Tess Van Horn, did a stellar job at creating the intimacy and confidence needed from students to pull off a production. Van Horn will be in the upcoming play “King Tut” (Olivia Dufault) at the Mad Horse Theatre from May 16 to June 2.

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