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Here’s What Your Fellow SeaWolves Are Up To This Summer…

By The SMCC Community

Summer is coming on fast, but at least some of us are prepared. The Beacon asked SMCC students their plans for the coming season of long days, air conditioning and biting bugs. Here’s a small selection of their responses.

Hello! My name is Katie Magowan and I am an Education major at SMCC. My summer plans begin on May 29, when I will be flying for the first time and leaving the country for the first time! I am traveling to Honduras, where I will meet up with a lifelong friend and his family. They have lived in Siguatepeque, Honduras, for six or so years. They run a Spanish/English teaching school and host college students, missionaries, and others who want to be fully immersed in learning Spanish, along with teaching children in the area. It is called The Spanish Institute of Honduras (more info can be found at While I am down there I will be taking a few Spanish speaking classes to help cement what I’ve learned in my Spanish class here at SMCC. We plan on visiting the local restaurants, Mayan ruins, Roatan, the ocean, the capital (Tegucigalpa) and some of the local churches. I will be down there for almost a month before flying back to the U.S.A. The main reason for going down there is because my friend is getting married at the end of June! It will be very exciting, a culture-shock experience, and enjoyable to reunite with old friends and meet new ones. 🙂

~ Katie Magowan (Katherine)

I plan on attending over the summer to help sweep up some remaining credits for my HVAC degree at SMCC. I also in my free time compete in Rallycross and rally races throughout New England. Two upcoming races in Vermont, Mt. Okemo and Mt. Snow. July consisting of Rallysprint, which is timed point A to point B stages through the woods on public and private roads and as well as New England Forest Rally in Bethel, ME, for mid July. Helps break up the school work load. 

~ Sean Thomson, HVAC student


Trying to rebuild my body from effects of chemotherapy. So I can be ready to complete my degree in the fall.

~ Charles Reid

Work and work on the caaaahr. ~ Austin Cummings


I’m in my fifth year of school and I’M FINALLY GETTING A DEGREE IN 11 DAYS. That being said, my life has been put on hold until I could get a job that pays more than minimum wage, and with my degree in Cybersecurity, I plan on doing exactly that. I already have an interview for a job, so hopefully my summer will be spent working at a new job!

I’m finally graduating with a degree in Cybersecurity after five years of schooling. I’m getting a job in my field as soon as possible, saving up cash, and finding a place to live that’s not a full hour from Portland.

~ Nathan Austin

My summer plans are to take two classes at SMCC, while working full time to pay off student loans. And hopefully when I have time go to events in Portland, and spend some time at the beach, with friends and family

~ Jessica Gipson


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