Success Starts with a BBQ

By Celina Simmons

Aromas of cotton candy and barbecue pulled pork filled the campus as SMCC students indulged in the festivities at the Welcome Back BBQ. I was blinded by the sun walking towards the dining hall, but the line of students waiting to feast caught my eye.

Students line up for Sodexo’s Welcome Back BBQ. Photos: BEACON STAFF



SMCC student Taylor White enjoying some cotton candy. Photo: BEACON STAFF

Burgers, corn dogs, pulled pork, coleslaw – it was your classic barbecue galore! When you got to the end of the buffet, tables lined the outskirts of the parking lot, left to right. Each table had an organization set up that students have the potential to become a part of, such as Planned Parenthood’s Generation Action and Back in Motion Physical Therapy.

Migrating to the right side of the lot after checking out each table, you find the source of the sweet scents combatting those grilled goods. Sodexo served up some popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones which was, in my opinion, the perfect dessert.


Your managing editor Celina Simmons is stuck on the fun! Photo: BEACON STAFF

Last but not least, my favorite piece of the day, the bounce house! Now, this wasn’t your average bounce house. If you have ever seen the movie “Big Fat Liar” with the charming Frankie Muniz, then you should know where this is going. Essentially, you would wear a velcro bodysuit and at the end of the inflatable was a velcro wall that you would take a running start and catapult yourself to and stick. (Enjoy the picture of me taking advantage of this childhood dream.)

As I looked around, I saw a community coming together with so much potential. So, I decided to approach students with a few questions about this upcoming semester, such as “what are you looking forward to this semester” or “what does success mean to you?”

It was refreshing to hear the feedback and each one’s determination and aspirations for the coming months. I think it’s safe to say that we are all looking forward to getting high grades and passing classes, but it was motivating to hear people working towards improving and doing better from previous semesters. If there is one thing to hold on to through life, it is the notion that you always have time to better yourself and go after what you want. 

One Liberal Studies major, Kim Gold, described her idea of success as being happy and getting good grades but ultimately being a good person all around. I loved this response because yes, success can be a steady career or better grades, but being a genuine person in times where there aren’t many of them, is a success few think about.

The Welcome Back BBQ was a hit. Students got to have fun during what could be a stressful week, but I truly believe we all can take on this semester with success on our minds, no problem. With that being said, I’d like to wish you all the best of luck for the next few months.

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