10 Ways to Cope with Stress

by Lauren Ruby

Since we are already a few weeks into the semester, and the home- work and projects have quickly started to pile up, I thought it would be a great idea to give everyone some tips to relax when the workload feels like too much. New tips will be available in every issue, so make sure to keep an eye out. 😉

1 Prepare for the morning the night before

Plan what you need for the day. Pack your textbooks, plan an outfit and pre- pare for anything that will happen during the day. This will help you stress less getting ready to go to classes.

2 Get up 15 minutes earlier

If you feel like you are waking up and rushing through getting ready and eating breakfast to get to class, set an alarm for 15 minutes earlier than when you usually wake up. That way, you have extra time for you and there’s no need to feel rushed.

3 Avoid tight fitting clothes

Wearing clothes that you have to squeeze into every single day can restrict blood flow and cause muscle pains, along with other bodily harm. Wearing loose clothing is more comfortable and makes you feel less tired during the day.

4 Avoid relying on chemical aid

It may help in the moment to use chemical aids to relieve some stress, but it can
also wear off and leave you with some or even more stress than you already had. Instead of this, do some activities like yoga, meditation or any other physical or mental exercises to relieve the stress.

5 Set appointments ahead of time

6 Don’t rely on your memory – write it down

Everyone knows how stressful it is when you think you have everything together, then something is brought up that you completely forgot about. To prevent this from happening, have a notebook or whiteboard that you can write down assignments and due dates.

7 Practice preventive maintenance

8 Make duplicates

Save documents and projects in multiple places so there are backups in case one is lost. Also taking notes in class and then writing them out in another form will give you a duplicate copy of notes and helps memorize material for quizzes and tests

9 Say “no” more often

Saying no can take the pressure off of pleasing everyone and having the need to do everything in the world. *Keep in mind that school work is mandatory to passing your classes*

10 Set priorities in your life

Overall, it is important to know your limits. Don’t let one thing control how you live and interact with others.

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