10 Ways to Manage Stress

By Lauren Ruby

Hey everybody! Another week with more homework and projects to do! Here are another 10 ways to cool off when the stress gets high:

11. Avoid Negative People Sometimes it is hard to avoid, but hanging around people who are rude and/or condescending can be emotionally draining and can cause way more stress than is necessary.

12. Use Time Wisely It’s all about prioritizing. Even when something seems more fun or appealing, consider what will happen later. Will you be stressed later trying to get something else done?

13. Simplify meal times Start with planning what you will eat a day or two in the future. Prep ingredients to throw a meal together quicker.

14. Always make copies of important papers Having copies of handouts or notes you get in class and keeping them in different places ensures you have a backup if you lose one.

15. Anticipate your needs It’s important to know yourself and your limits. Don’t push yourself further than you can handle. Talk to someone you trust if you feel like you’re taking on too much.

16. Repair anything that doesn’t work properly Fixing things yourself can give a sense of accomplishment, knowing you did something for yourself.

17. Ask for help with jobs you dislike

Having someone help you with certain tasks can make the job go faster and maybe make it more enjoyable to do.

18. Break large tasks into bite-sized portions Splitting large projects and homework assignments over the course of the time before it is due gives you more time to get things done and gives you a manageable workload each day.

19. Look at problems as challenges If you look at something as something you have to do it, there will be a chance of putting it off and adding more stress to your workload. Instead, if you look at it as completing an achievement in a game, you will want to work hard to get it done and get the accomplishment.

20. Look at challenges differently Give yourself a goal when getting homework done – tell yourself that you want to do it instead of having to do it.

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