Ride the Bus for Free!

by Leonid Eichfeld

DID YOU KNOW, as an SMCC student you can ride the bus for free? Show any Metro or South Portland bus driver your student I.D. with an up to date sticker (you can pick one up at the security office as long as you’re taking classes) and you don’t need to pay a thing! Let me tell you just how great this is! You can go from SoPo, to Westbrook, all the way to Gorham and Brunswick. Every bus can hold two bikes on the front rack, with the Breez (Portland to Brunswick) being an exception because you can put a third inside the cabin at the front of the bus- as long as you hold on to it and the bus isn’t totally full.


The Metro offers ten different routes. Just go to gpmetro.org and click “MAPS & SCHEDULES” on the top of the page and you’ll find just what you need.

The Metro Pulse is where paper route maps and schedules can be found, as well as the lovely Metro employees who will gladly answer any questions. The Metro Pulse is located at 21 Elm Street in Portland, right next to Monument Square and the library. The Metro Pulse is open 7am to 7pm Monday-Friday.

You can contact the Metro at 207- 774-0351, or you can contact them via their website (gpmetro.org) – just click CONTACT US on the main page.

You can also pick up paper route maps and schedules inside the bus itself.

On average, the busses run as early as 6am, and as late at 11pm, 7 days a week. This varies from route to route, and the Breez does not run on Sundays.

Just a little FYI, the Breeze and the newer models of busses have USB chargers underneath the seats.


South Portland Bus Services offers 3 different routes. Just go to southportland. org/departments/bus-transportation, and click “Bus Schedule” to find what you need.

You can contact South Portland Bus Services at (207)-767- 5556 for any questions.

Paper Schedules can be found on the busses, and at the South Portland Hannaford, Shaws, and South Portland City Hall. On average, the busses run from 6am to 10pm, with limited service on Sundays. Happy riding!


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