Campus News

Organization Tips for College Students

by Arden Goodwin

Last issue, we talked about more conventional ways to organize your school work. Here are a few more supplementary tips to try, focusing on the time you spend outside of class. Choose to implement whichever ones you would like, everyone gets organized differently!

Wake up at a certain time every day Pick a time that works for you and try to routinely wake up around then. Oversleeping can make you feel like you’ve wasted your morning, and often the rest of the day can feel chaotic. The same goes for what time you go to bed.

Make your bed when you get up! This seems like a simple and pointless action, but it does actually make a difference. Making your bed will make your room look a little more clean and make it harder for you to crawl back in.

Clean up before you go to bed Spending at least five minutes clearing the surfaces in your room before you decide to hit the hay can make your desk seem more inviting when you need to study the next day. When clutter is eliminated, the clutter in your mind will clear up a little as well.

Set timers when studying Using a timer while working on homework or studying will help keep you accountable and on task.

(Try not to) work in your bed Separate your sleeping/relaxation areas from your work areas. Try to always work at your desk, a library, or a cafe. Although if you’re more comfortable reading for a class in bed, there’s no harm in that.

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