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Where’s my Advisor?

 by Magella Cantara

Not every college is perfect or walking the walk. One issue brought up frequently across campus is the lack of availability to set up a face to face meeting with an advisor. Whatever your major may be, you are assigned an advisor specific to your field. For those who may be freshmen or new to the college experience in general, an advisor is someone who simply helps you keep track of where you are in terms of graduating. Your advisor is also responsible for helping you change your major or transfer, if that is the route you’re looking to take. Regardless, your questions as a college student deserve to be answered and heard. There’s just one problem.

Advisors on the SMCC campus aren’t doing their jobs as they should be. We all have stuff to do, things to get done, life happens etc. However, when we as students are supposed to rely on our advisors to keep us on the right track, but our advisors all of a sudden aren’t available, where do we go? Do we ask for a different advisor? How can I change to an advisor who will give me what I need to set my future? These are questions that we, as students, should not have to be scrambling around to find solutions and answers to. We’ve done our part in reaching out, now we need the advisors to stay on their game as well. After all, it is their job and what they have signed up to do. We need advisors to make a better effort to work with us and not against us.

Here’s an example of this frustrating situation that has occurred on more than one occasion. My sports psychology teacher is also my advisor. We had a meeting arranged before class at 9:30 a.m. I showed up early and when I got there. her response was “I’m supposed to be somewhere else, can we meet up next Tuesday?”

This may not seem like the end of the world. However, as a college student, time is of the essence with assignments being done. And the same goes for our teachers – because of these factors it’s likely you both will forget in a week. We are still human with lots on our minds so it’s hard to reschedule something that should have already been discussed. I talked with another student in my class who has the same advisor and she was on the same page as me. She made it clear she was looking to find an advisor she could rely on to do their part, such as responding to emails and verifying they have been received, and to make sure they are committed just as much as students are. As students, when we care more than those who want us to succeed, there is a problem. This shouldn’t be one sided. Where do we begin to fix it?

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