Student Senate Keeping Close Ties with President Cassidy

By Celina Simmons

The Student Senate’s Executive Board members have a lot on their plates, and on Thursday, October 3rd, the team (minus newly appointed Treasurer, Alex Diaz) had the opportunity to sit down with SMCC’s President Joe Cassidy. By the looks of the pictures, you can see it went fairly well.

It was a fun time getting to know the president and we hope he feels the same towards us. The title of president is professional and Joe is as well, but when you get past the professionalism, you meet someone who is just like us. The Student Senate plans to maintain this connection and hopefully create more meetings like this to better communicate student wants and needs.

We had lots of laughs as he walked us through how he came to be the president of our community college system and how he adores the atmosphere of SMCC. Before moving to this campus last year, Joe was the president of two community college systems in northern Maine. That sounds like a handful, and it was, but those schools were much smaller than ours. He said that by the end of his time there, he knew every student by name.

Although he loves his new home and job, he misses the connections he was able to create within such a small campus. He hopes to create more of that sense of trust and familiarity here with our students. I mean, who wouldn’t want to chill with the president?

We look forward to keeping up communications with President Cassidy. He is easy to get along with and quite funny, but above all, I couldn’t get over how much he cares about his students. It was refreshing to see someone who looks at us with as much hope and faith as he does. We need more faculty like that.

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 11.55.58 AM.png

Photographed Left to Right: Director of Records, Celina Simmons, Director of Public Relations, Tyler O’Brien, President Joe Cassidy, Vice President of Senate, Conner Hudson, & President of Senate, Joshua Parks

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