13 Days of Halloween

by Kai Remedis

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With Halloween fast approaching, SMCC’s Midcoast Campus’ Activities Committee is happy to host their “Thirteen-Days of Halloween” event. This event holds thirteen consecutive days of activities! Here is a quick list of what the events entail;

10/21 Pumpkin and Jar Painting, 11 AM Learning Commons

10/22 Caramel Apples, 12:30 PM Learning Commons

10/22 Mysterious Mocktails, 9 PM Orion Lobby

  • Students were able to come down to the lobby and order from three types of Mocktails that were made right there by the staff of Reslife! The three drinks were; Vampire (Blood Orange), Zombie (Green Apple), and Bloody Shirley Temples!

10/23 Slime Time, 12 PM Learning Commons

10/23 Halloween Paint Nite, 7 PM Orion Art Room 

  • Students had the oppportunity to view and paint their own versions of a halloween painting!

10/24 Halloween Dance, 8:30 SoPo HUB 

10/25 Door Decorating Contest (OR), 9 PM 

  • Reslife Staff walked the halls to vote on which student had the best door decor!

10/26 Potter Lock-In, 4 PM Learning Commons

  • Students watched a marathon of Harry Potter movies, all whilst “locked-in” the Learning common’s overnight!

10/27 Halloween Social, 8 PM Orion Art Room

10/28 Slasher Lock In, 6:30 Orion Art Room

  • Much like the Harry Potter Lock-In, students were “locked-in” the Learning Commons overnight, watching a slasher movie marathon!

    Upcoming Events

10/29 Scary Sweets, 12:30 PM Learning Commons

  • Students will be able to decorate “scary sweets,” like sugar cookies and more!

10/30 Spooky Scavenger Hunt, 7 PM Orion Lobby

  • Groups of Students will be following 13 spooky riddles to find their next clue! All while competing for the first place prize!

10/31 Costume Contest, 9 PM Orion Lobby

Midcoast Activities Committee is extremely excited to be hosting, attending, and bringing these events to the students of SMCC! They hope to get everyone involved and bring the community of the SMCC Midcoast campus together.

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