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Breakfast for Vets

by James Little

The dining hall was packed with faculty, veterans, active duty and spouses on November 6, 2019 for the 2nd annual Southern Maine Community College and University of Southern Maine Veterans Day Breakfast held in the Culinary Arts Building. This event was arranged by Amy Lainoff, SMCC’s VA Certifying Official.

The event started at 7:00am, with breakfast that was cooked, set up, and served by the Chef and the Culinary Art students. They made the following for the event, which was enjoyed by all: pumpkin muffins and blueberry muffins, pancakes, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and roasted red peppers, onions, spinach, parmesan cheese frittata, along with a platter of fresh fruit. 

At this event we had six speakers who spoke briefly about how they were thankful for what the vets have done for this country and what the veterans bring to the schools. Amy Lainoff and Lorrie Spaulding of University of Maine (USM), who are veteran representatives and advisers, told the audience what some of the changes were. 

Amy introduced Camden Ege, Director of Veterans State Approving Agency, who is a veteran and former student of SMCC. Amy was his advisor and he is now the head of the advisors of Maine Colleges and Universities. He briefly spoke of some of the challenges and what was happening with veteran benefits. 

The next speakers were two Presidents, Joe Cassidy of SMCC and Glenn Cummings of USM. They let the veterans know that their service to this country was well appreciated and that willingness to meet the challenges and their discipline within the classrooms helps some of the younger students.

The keynote speaker was Chris Tyll who served as a Navy Seal and told us of what it meant to him to serve our country. He also talked about one of his fellow Seals, who he grew up with and was killed in action. He told us that he felt it was a privilege to serve this country. He expressed how it did not matter if the people who have served or are serving did so on the front lines or in the rear for they both had important roles for the success of our militaries. 

Chris Tyll thanked all the veterans of the different eras, and told us that if we did not know anybody who had served in past wars like WWI, Korean, or Vietnam, we should try to and get their aspects and history of their time serving this country, and give them our appreciation. He asked that when people thank us for our service that we share about others we know that gave it all on the battlefield for this great country and keep their story alive. 

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