Campus News

Fort George’s Lounge

by Jane Densmore

You’ve heard of the noisy lounge, the Surfsite lounge, the Spring Point lounge, and you may have used the study lounges, but have you heard of the Fort George’s Lounge? Probably not, so let me explain. 

Hi, I’m Jade and I’m part of the Student Welfare Committee! Our goal is to enhance the welfare of the student body here on campus and a project that we recently took on was the cleaning up and reorganizing of the lounge areas inside the Captain’s House.

The Fort George’s Lounge is a fun space that we believe can be capitalized on by students. It’s on the second floor, above the Beacon Tuesday meeting room and we hope everyone likes what we’ve done with the space. We’ve worked hard to make it a relaxed spot where friends are welcome to come sit down, chill out, and enjoy themselves but there is always more that can be done.

Our team members have been crunching to get things in order so that students can start coming around as soon as possible. We hope to have a stocked mini fridge, plenty of games, comfortable furniture, and a means for students to play their music. So watch out for updates on events and open hours once it comes together! You’ll find them either in the next issue of the paper or in flyers around campus. 

 If you don’t know where the Captain’s House is, turn right when leaving the front of the Campus Center and follow that road towards the art studios and coast line. You will come across three tall brick buildings after the Culinary building. The third of those buildings is the Captain’s House.

We, the Student Welfare Committee, are still looking for our next project! Anything that can help us help you, we would love to hear your ideas! Feel free to email me, Jade Densmore, directly at

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