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I am Not a Number

by Claire Christensen

Attention Poets and Poetically Inclined Individuals!

“I am Not a Number” is a budding collection of poetry surrounding the topics of sexual and domestic abuse. The collection still needs willing contributions from anyone who has either experienced or witnessed abuse. Writers may choose to have their work published with anonymity. So far, all writers who are participating have requested to remain anonymous. Writers are also entitled to receive a copy of the book once printing is complete.

Poetry is a form that is often intensely personal. For many, it acts as a therapeutic outlet. 

It is estimated that approximately one in four college-age women and one in ten college-age men have experienced sexual assault. This project hopes to communicate that sexual and domestic abuse is not a singular experience. “I am Not a Number” will show that individuals who fall under the statistic are not only a statistic. If you describe an action as abuse in your mind, that action is abuse despite what others might argue. Just because one circumstance is different than others doesn’t make it any less valid. Abuse is something that often sticks with someone throughout their lifetime, but it doesn’t have to keep one silent. Abuse is also an experience that is not limited to those directly involved. Allies and bystanders are also welcome to share their experiences as outsiders.

There is no word limitation. All work will be considered so long as it relates to the general topic of sexual or domestic abuse.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in showcasing their poetry, please email Claire Christensen at Submissions will be accepted through December 1st.

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 3.41.02 PM.png

Photo Courtesy of Claire Christensen

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