Arts & Culture

My Life

by James Little

When we are young, we just can’t wait
to start school won’t that be great
To become a preteen, then it arrives, and we feel so alive
Then we say when I am sixteen,
I cannot wait to drive the streets and stay up late
Then when we turn eighteen,
I can see what life has set for me,
Twenty-one wow it is fun,
I am legal and I do not fear, for now I’m starting my career
Thirties are here, with a wife and two kids,
When did my life begin to skid? It feels like life is way too big
In my forties it feels great for both the kid will graduate
Fifty is here and it is just you and me dear!
Our new life will be fun for it has just begun
In my sixties and wish you were here;
we have two kids and four grandkids too and we truly MISS Little- Old -You.
Here at seventy this old man still misses our walks and holding your hand
Now that I am eighty it is alright for soon my Love; I will be holding you tight

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 3.39.20 PM.png

Photos Courtesy of James Little

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