Changes to Avoid Detrimental Natural Disasters

by Magella Cantara

Whether you’re someone who has experienced it firsthand or witnessed out-of-the-ordinary weather patterns, climate change is a thing. Within the past few months, we have seen all over the news the devastation of the forest fires across Australia that the locals, animals, and firefighters are faced with. 

Just recently, they caught a break when it rained after such a serious drought. As heartbreaking as it is to watch the Earth we live on burn or drown, we have to ask ourselves, “what can we do to help?” We are starting a new decade, let this be the one where we give back to our earth. 

Today we have stopped using greenhouse gases, however experts are concerned now more than ever with the Earth passing it’s boiling point. This means that there may be changes that are irreversible, tipping our climate into a new state. With climate change being such a globally complex issue socially, morally and politically, just recycling and reserving gas isn’t enough.

According to those experts, the solution is going to require a globally-coordinated response where there’s an agreement between countries on a cleaner form of energy. As humans, it is up to us to determine our futures and those of the next generations. If we don’t start considering what we can do to cleanse our Earth now, we won’t consider it down the line when major changes have already happened.

Global warming is just a piece of multiple occurrences regarding climate change. Just recently in Maine it was 60 degrees in JANUARY!! On a normal day it’s a high of 10 degrees and low of 6. So ask yourself what will you give back? 

Even if it seems like a small contribution isn’t a lot, it is still more than ignoring that climate change exists and will continue to for centuries. The more we express our care for the planet, the better chances are of preventing the atmosphere from being thrown off balance. 

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