Cozy Corner

by Danielle Pride

T’is the season for cozy sweaters and L.L. Bean boots in Maine! This time of year is all about staying warm while trying to find where all the new classes are and getting accustomed to the changes! There are a couple of ways you can spice up your outfit while also staying cozy and warm this season! 

The first way is to layer, layer, layer! When it’s one of those days in Maine where it’s warmer during the day, but gets significantly colder as it gets dark, layering is a great way to be prepared for that colder weather that comes with the night. Something I personally enjoy doing is wearing a button up or a long sleeve as the first layer, putting a cozy sweater over the button up (making sure to pop the collar) and then ending it with a puffy or flannel vest and a warm scarf. This makes it so you can take the layers off as you feel warm or put them back on when you get colder. These layers are also lightweight enough so you can put them in your backpack without too much struggle.

Another way to stay warm is to get wool or insulated socks! Often times throughout the winter, we get stuck with the common problem of the snow melting and creating puddles and having to trudge through snow to get to class quicker, soaking our boots along with our socks. However, with these warm and cozy socks (especially if you layer these as well) you will be able to crawl through as many puddles or snow banks as your heart desires!

Remember to layer up and stay warm throughout the new school year, Seawolves!

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