Advice from an Old Guy

by James Little

I’d like to talk about life, for it is too easy to get so wound up in it that we do not stop and think of the consequences until something bad happens. Then we blame others for our troubles, yet it was what we did that put us there.

We try something new, but it seems like the same bad thing happens. We wonder, “why do things always happen to me? I am a failure at everything, and these things happen over and over.” Now you feel like you are stuck and can not get away.

It could be drug use, getting drunk all the time, or even bad relationships. Maybe you want to end it all just for everything to stop, so you are thinking of taking your life. STOP RIGHT THERE!!!

Taking your life is not the answer. You say you want to stop hurting or do not want to hurt others in your life. It causes more pain and sadness for the people who love you, and it does not make things better for anybody. You, yes YOU, MATTER to more people than you think. None of us are perfect, even if it might look that way. We all have had struggles and failures, the only way that we can make it is not letting anything stop us from trying. For as long as we learn from our mistakes, no matter how little it may be, making those changes could be a step in the right direction. Talk to someone and get their professional opinion (Clergy, psychologist, family, or friends). See if they
have been where you are at and what they’ve done to change and make things better.

Life is not easy, and nothing is guaranteed. We must work at it in all aspects. Whether it’s school, family, or relationships, sometimes it feels like we are giving all of ourselves all of the time. In those cases, take a step back and change your routine. We are never too old to make those changes that make our life better.

When it comes to love, no matter what, love that person for who they are and not for what you want them to be. Be yourself, for if they cannot love you for who you are, then it is not meant to be. If school is everything to you and you fail a class, so what! If you learned something, then that is more knowledge than what you knew before. Ask questions about what you could do different so when you retake the class, you can ask a tutor for help and pass it.

It is not stupid to get help, it is a smart move on your part. As the saying goes, change the things you can and for the things you have no control over, let them go, for worrying about those things will never help.

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