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5 Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To

by Armin St. Cloud

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  1. “The Spirit of Radio” – Rush

This song stands out in the Rush catalogue as an anthem to radio, the way it used to be. This song perfectly encapsulates the impeccable musicianship of all three members while gently reminding us about a time when music was made by musicians and not corporations. 

  1. “Over and Over” – Neil Young & Crazy Horse

The “Ragged Glory” album is where Neil Young retrieved the ‘Godfather of Grunge’ title. The album isn’t meticulous and polished, it’s very sloppy and beautiful in its authenticity. The whole album is phenomenal but this song particularly stands out. 

  1. “About a Girl” – Nirvana

For me, Nirvana’s first album is far from my favorite, but it does contain my favorite Nirvana song. This song differs from the rest of the album because it shows a much softer side to Kurt Cobain’s musicianship. 

  1. “Sub-mission” – The Sex Pistols

This song just brings back memories of playing bass guitar in a punk cover band back in high school. 

  1. “Workin’ For MCA” – Lynyrd Skynyrd 

If you’re a person with an ear for good music; you acknowledge Lynyrd Skynyrd as a great band in their own right. This song grooves well from start to finish with one hell of an iconic chorus. 

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