April Fools Day

by Alex Griffin


Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 12.29.46 PM

So, I always forget when April Fool’s is but someone reminded me this year! I really wanted to either prank my friends in a text or my parents. My mom helped me prank my dad at dinner time. He left his spaghetti on his tray table to go get a coke in our cupboard, well, I tiptoed over very fast to his plate and put a dried pineapple in and came back to my seat. He never noticed that I was over there. We were enjoying our show and trying to not blow our cover by laughing at my dad. My mom said he looked at it but pushed it around and went out to the kitchen to get some more, still not knowing there was a little surprise waiting for him inside his spaghetti tonight. Until, in the middle of the movie he came back around to the strange blob in his spaghetti and finally looked up at us and said “what the heck is this???”

And we couldn’t take it anymore. We were carrying on with laughter. Like, we couldn’t breathe. We were laughing so hard. He kind of just raised his eyebrows and was staring at us like we lost it. It was so funny.

Then we said “We got you! Happy April Fool’s Day!” He kind of just stared and half-smiled at us. Then he turned back to the dried pineapple on his fork and do you know what he did next? He ate it and said “mmmmhmm, not bad!”

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