Gentleman’s Jack Review

By Magella Cantara

Globally, as the world is experiencing this pandemic together, many are at home working or finding themselves wallowing in boredom. To pass the time over the weekends other than homework, watching movies or new TV series has been the go-to. Recommended by a new friend of mine, is a series called “Gentleman’s Jack.” Going into this I imagined there being a lot of whiskey somewhere somehow,, but; other than that, I had no idea what to expect. What I knew going into this was what my friend told me which was “Surrane Jones is so hot!” After that statement I was curious but concerned, as I’m thinking to myself…Who is this person? Watch me get bored and not like her. 

There’s only 1 season with up to 8 episodes, each almost an hour long. Normally I tend to get bored quickly, but this was captivating in a way that was relatable, funny and clever.  To give a review of this, the main character’s name is Anne Lister. This woman was extremely smart, for taking place during the Industrial Revolution, 1832 in England. She often travels outside of her family’s land and comes back, but doesn’t stay long. When she does return though, it’s handed down to her from her uncle to take over the coal business of her family’s land. She does this brilliantly. 

For this time it was “unusual” as they called the situation, for a woman to take such a position. She’s a woman who knows her shit. She runs circles around the men who automatically believe she has no sense as to what she is talking about but she does, if not more. Since this time was tough for women, her character is even tougher.

What makes it much more empowering watching this, is knowing it’s based off of a true story. Without women like her then we wouldn’t be where we are today in the LGBTQ+ community. Her courage speaks volumes just as much as her intelligence and life experiences. 

Aside from all the things she is, the one thing about her that not many outside her family know is that she’s a lesbian. Surely that wasn’t spoken of then, but the triumphs and failures she experiences with the women she finds herself falling in love with, is a rollercoaster. Many of the women didn’t have the courage she had to rise above everyone else’s judgments. This is what hurt her the most and it was soul crushing to watch. However, there’s one girl in particular she finds herself growing fond of more than she expected. I won’t spoil the series, but Anne Lister sees it in this woman to have just as much courage as herself so they can be happy together. There were many times where the girl she grew fond of (Ann Walker) fell hard before finding the courage to choose herself and her happiness above all. Their love story is truly heart jerking, there were many tears shed during this series however, it’s just as equally funny and heartfelt. Which is what makes it an epic and encouraging series to watch, especially with the history we are living through today. 


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