TV Shows Worth Binge Watching this Quarantine

by Danielle Pride

Please Note: The star system is out of 5 stars!

Throughout this quarantine, a lot of us, whether we like it or not, have found ourselves scrolling through Netflix looking for something to catch our eye. Look no further than this article, fellow students! This following article will solve all your Netflix-Soul-Searching needs!

Before school closed officially and went online, I had little to no free time. I was always either working or studying when I was not in class. When I was not doing either of those things, I was either sleeping or eating. That was it. It’s been that way the entire semester and last semester. However, while I was on Spring Break and we got the official email, my whole world changed. I went home and crawled into my bed and turned on my amazon fire for the first time in months. There were a few things both my friends and family had recommended for me to watch that I had never had the time to watch before now. 

The first of these infamous shows was the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. When school closed for quarantine, the Bachelor was on its last couple of episodes for this season and I was determined to binge watch it all so that I could watch the finale live. I turned on Hulu (Netflix didn’t have the most recent season yet), grabbed some popcorn, tied up my sweatpants, and settled my body into the, now indented, pillows on my bed. I’m not sure if all the seasons are normally as wild as this one was, but this one had me asking myself if they were normally this crazy the entire time. I started from the first episode, and the way that the girls went from normal introductions to riding in on a red corvette was crazy. However, I quickly got sucked into the cat fights and typical girl drama over an average white guy. I would say this took me about a week to binge watch just one season, but I was pacing myself in time for the finale. They are about an hour per episode. ☆☆

The second show I would recommend watching would be DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. I just finished watching this show and I loved it. There were 4 seasons available on Netflix and I finished the entire series in about a week and a half (this is a no-judgement zone). The one negative I would say about this show, is that it started to repeat itself in the third and fourth seasons. It suddenly seemed very familiar and very easy to predict. However, I am currently trying to find a way to stream it live and catch up on the 5th season as it’s playing now! ☆☆☆☆

The third and final show I recommend is Outlander.  is an HBO show that is available to watch on Netflix and the current season is available to stream on Starz. Not to sound like a sponsor, but Starz is currently offering your first 3 months for $5. Use this as a reminder to yourself to cancel it in time. This show is on its fifth season, just like DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. This show is about an hour per episode, and it is so easy to binge and it all of a sudden be 5 in the morning so be careful. This show has a fantastic mix of history, sci-fi, and romance all packaged together with a messy bow. A lot happens in just the first seasons and this show has a PhD in leaving you on a cliffhanger. ☆☆☆☆

Enjoy watching these shows, Seawolves, but don’t accidentally sleep through your zoom class! Teachers aren’t typically a fan of that. Remember to use this extra free time wisely, but don’t feel pressured to be extra productive just because of a quarantine. Use this time to relax and watch some shows on Netflix or Hulu!


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