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Poetic License

by Magella Cantara

Our time has felt like it’s been stopped and for some it has

We can take this time to better reflect ourselves to divide up into sections who we have been who we want to be where the change in us started how we decided it was necessary.

How is it we are so quick to express more love to others than to ourselves? 

But when we start to embrace and express ourselves we are shut down and slapped up with a labels like Selfish

What is selfish anyways? We are all born here without our permission so it only seems fair that we come into our  own.

Especially when it’s all you’ve got.

through the times you’ve been to places unknown to anyone else but you.

So this pandemic as paused as it all may seem as sad as it is for friends and family it’s another lesson that there’s more to learn to hold hope in our hands that can guide us to more opening journeys.

So should we be stuck again we will know how to move past it.


Queen of my Kingdom
by Celina Simmons

I’m wrapped in your arms
But you’re lost in my bed.
I am the Queen here,
Of my Kingdom for the Dead.
The death of dreams sing
And rock me to sleep
Only to return,
To the comforts of my sheets,
Home safe and sound
Next to the loveliest of things.
The deaths of my lovers
After none were crowned Kings.
They reside at the foot
Of my bed where it’s cold.
My legs never reach them,
Though they beg to keep hold.
Trailing down further
To monsters under my bed,
Are friends I’ve entrusted.
Bitter intentions with better ends.
I’d pull them out for show,
But rather hide a mess instead.
Their limbs are just dripping,
Cut up bloody and red.
I won’t go further,
Just know that I love them
And call me the Queen
Of the deadliest Kingdom

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