by Morgan Dyer

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It’s with sadness and pride that I’m going into our last week of production with the SMCC Beacon! This is it! In the fall the Beacon will become a class at SMCC, but it will no longer be a student run club as it has been for the last ten years. These past two years working on the school paper have been awesome, and I’m proud to have been a part of such an engaged community of people! Working on the Beacon has taught me a lot about being a part of a team, and I made so many friends being a part of this club that I would not have made had I kept to myself at SMCC. It has not always been easy, things have gotten pretty hectic working on this paper in the past especially around midterms and when COVID19 moved our entire publication online, but we have always pulled together in a really inspiring way. I’m looking forward to taking that energy into future teams and communities, and I’m so greatful to have been a part of this. Farewell Beacon crew and fans, and I wish you all luck in your future challenges!

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