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How will SMCC Move Forward After the Lockdown

Get Your Questions Answered

by The Student Senate

This Friday, May 8th, the Student Senate will be hosting a special Chit-Chat & Rant session at noon. Like all other Chit-Chat & Rants, this will be an open floor Zoom meeting for any and all SMCC students to join. This time, students will have the opportunity to speak directly to SMCC’s President Joe Cassidy, Dean of Students Tiffanie Bentley, and Dean of Academic Affairs Paul Charpentier.

So mark your calendar and bring any questions you have about graduation, summer classes, next fall semester, and whatever else is on your mind! Here is your chance to talk directly to the source and get a clearer view of the road ahead. It may be bumpy right now, but as always, SMCC is dedicated to helping you get through it with success.

The Zoom code to join this meeting on Friday, May 8th at 12 noon is 923 1383 0707. All we ask is that students come prepared with questions and ready for some fun Chit-Chats with our special guests! See you there!

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