Campus News

The Hardest Goodbye

by Danielle Pride

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I never thought that I would have to write this. It truly breaks my heart to say goodbye. Not only am I saying goodbye to the freedom of the press this newspaper brings, I am also saying goodbye to some of the closest friends I have made. Celina welcomed me as a writer for the Beacon with such open arms. She allowed people to write whatever they wanted and gave them the freedom to do so. She, along with Morgan, are graduating this year from SMCC and I’m saddened for them that they won’t be able to have a ceremony that they deserved. However, I can confidently say that they are on to greater and more powerful and more impactful things. 

They will look back on this year as some sort of weird Corona fever dream and laugh. Morgan is the organizer behind the scenes. She makes sure the Beacon runs as smoothly as it does and I am truly amazed by it. She is so go-with-the-flow that she has allowed me to change news articles the day of copy-editing, or do something completely different than what I had planned. She has been working her butt off at this school and I know she will work even harder at any school she gets accepted to. Both of these girls are so near and dear to my heart that it truly hurts to say goodbye to them without being able to see them in person.

Finally, to say goodbye to this newspaper. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that they are considering making it into a class instead. However, there is going to be a feeling of emptiness next semester for me. The rush of submitting something and seeing it in print or on WordPress will be soon forgotten. Being able to copy-edit and read amazing writings or art by my fellow students will be gone forever. I will truly miss this newspaper and all of my experiences associated with it. It feels as though I am letting my baby go off to college for the first time. It is hard to let go of this newspaper, but I know that it is going into capable hands. 

See you around, Seawolves. 

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