Mind over Matter: An introduction from the Managing Editor

by Managing Editor, Tim Randall

The Southern Maine Community College newspaper, The Beacon has been in operation for more than 35 years before becoming a college credit course. The Beacon began as a club – an extracurricular activity for students to cover stories on or off their campus and give them hands on experience in the creation of a newspaper from start to finish. The Beacon also gives students experience in building their resumes by learning about project management, leadership and team building skills.

My first semester on the Beacon I helped out with graphic design using Adobe InDesign. In the following semesters I served as Art Director and Managing Editor. I’ve also contributed several articles, refined my journalism skills, learned to write content for news in the form of print media, website, and epublication. l also gained a lot of experience posting on social media and wordpress while keeping in touch with my Adobe InDesign skills. As well as shooting and editing journalistic images in Adobe PhotoShop and shared ideas about creating the News Print & Production class.

Over the years, The Beacon has slowly moved towards WordPress, a hosting site for blogs, websites, and many publications. And with the presence of COVID-19 in 2020, the school newspaper announced its full transition to online publications. So be on the lookout for our next issue: Silver Linings From The Covid Cloud.

The Beacon gave me opportunities for which I am thankful. I’ve learned how to communicate more clearly in writing, become a better designer and become more confident in my abilities to overcome any kind of struggle. I’ve met and worked with so many people that share the same passions and an eye for design like I have. Working alongside people like Rachel Guthrie, Charles Ott, Madeline Rheaume, Morgan Dyer & Celina Simmons has taught me that when it comes to working with The Beacon, it’s important to take what you can get out of it. Push yourself to go above and beyond, you’ll find that you’re capable of achieving what you put your mind to. Whether it’s writing that killer front page article, designing a PSA or designing the newspaper, it’s all mind over matter.

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