Dangerous Discussions

By Alex Griffin

The United States has always relied on voting to elect officials. There have been changes over the years as to who is eligible to vote, but today all citizens of the United States can vote. It’s always been an individual vote by ballot, essentially a secret ballot, so nobody is obliged to share who they voted for with anyone, yet discussions do crop up regarding preferences. The consensus among the people who I interviewed is that most of them agreed that they could have calmer discussions ten or 20 years ago than today and that they wouldn’t even attempt it at this point in time. People don’t seem to be able to calmly handle an opposing opinion and feel the need to strike out at anyone who does. What has changed?

From the people that I interviewed some said that they never discussed it a lot and others said that they did discuss it back then, but either way both of the groups said they definitely cannot discuss who they’re going to vote for now.  Ann Hall said, “I don’t like it as there is a lot of fake news and corruption in the world today. I have seen people discuss politics in close families and have there be breakups between the family. So, when someone starts to talk about politics to me I simply say ‘I’m sorry, but I choose not to engage in this conversation.”     

The biggest question that everyone responded to was about if there were any differences between when they were growing up to now in politics and why it changed today. Most of them had a lot of information because they all had different opinions and viewpoints. Andrea Kirby thought that the big difference that she noticed was the politicians not behaving as nicely as they used to. Honestly, nowadays that is very true because politicians have more power and now they seem to think that they can bully us or just take over altogether. 

 “People weren’t as emotional or concerned back then as they are now. It seems there are a whole lot of other things that are stressing people out and more unstable now” Jim Hall said.

 “The atmosphere was a lot of less tense back then. You know we disagreed but there wasn’t any violence or things didn’t really get bad between people. It was just a lot better”Gary Hall said. I then asked Hall why he thought that and he replied with “Just a lot of fake news and conspiracy theories that people buy into. It’s just…crazy what the world has come to.” 

  “I don’t think everyone was as heated as they are now and I definitely noticed a difference that it was easier to talk to them” Crystal Stover said. 

 “people are very angry and unreasonable today – unwilling to even accept facts. I think it has a lot to do with the media, being one sided. People with different views are not getting any media time at all and are being censored. Also, the public schools and universities are also training our youngsters to all think alike and anyone who has ant opposing views are being attacked in every way. Young people see our opposing parties attacking each other instead of accepting each other and working together to be the best for the people of our country. That provides the example that we see today of immorality and violence” Lisa Griffin said.

And, “The press wasn’t so inflammatory back then. People thought better when I was younger, but now a lot because of the kind of diet they have now. It infects their brain so they can’t think anymore” Doug Griffin said.  

 Everyone has their own opinions regarding who would do the best job of running our country, but we should all be on the same page regarding our treatment of each other. This country is the home of many diverse cultures and we need to stand together as one. Lately, divisiveness and chaos has been created across the United States to keep people from standing together and we have got to find a way to overcome that before we lose what makes the United States-United! 

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