So Many Decisions to be Made

By Clayton Hoyle

“We have the spirit of the nation basically on the line, the character of the next president also on the line. People who don’t vote now— I can’t even wrap my head around that, especially in this election.” – Luke Nadeau expressed in an interview. After talking with Luke Nadeau, William Penrod, and Paige Lord about their thoughts and perspectives on our upcoming election you develop a deeper understanding of how young voters are viewing the 2020 elections. 

Paige Lord believes that the outcome of the election will have a large impact on the community, she said, “With all, that’s going on, with the Black Lives Matter movement, and all the other protests I think it will get a lot more people out to vote and affect their decisions”. Nadeau also sees that the elections will have an effect on us, “it’s going to have a huge impact of course because the candidates have wildly different priorities regarding community and culture. If one candidate gets in, we could keep seeing inflamed racial tensions across the country. If we elect the other we could see it begin to decline and return to more of a state of  normalcy.”

While many see this election as vital to our country, William Penrod brought up how every election is important. “I would say it’s super important— I mean, it’s just as important as any election. They’re going to feel more important at the time, but for instance, the 2016 election was just as important. Obviously, there’s COVID but we had other issues we had to deal with at that time as well.” 

What are some of the problems we should deal with right now? “Voters should definitely be looking at climate as number one, economy number two since we’ve taken a huge economic downturn since COVID and third, we should really be looking to repair our international reputation. If we’re going to be part of this modern 21st-century world we need to be able to work with everyone else in it.” – Nadeau. 

There are many other issues and viewpoints that people are looking into while they choose their next president. Penrod is interested in more municipal options “decriminalization of psilocybin would be a huge one for me—that’d be really cool. I think that’s kind of already underway in a few cities, though. So maybe seeing more of that as on the federal level.” While Nadeau is interested in the rejoining of the Paris Climate Accord, and Lord finds that she is searching for a candidate who looks at both sides of the story and hears everyone out, but is also decisive about what they want. 

How important is it that politicians work together and hear each other out when it comes to these issues. “When they don’t it creates a lot of stagnation and slows us down,” Penrod explained. “I think it is so important because if they work against each other they are just trying to bring each other down. If they work together maybe they would actually accomplish something, even if there are differences.” – Lord. While the concept of everyone working together is great the reality of it isn’t as easy as it may seem. “It sounds amazing but there’s definitely going to be hardliners on both sides that will not compromise but I think most people would be willing to give a little bit here and there, in order to work together. If we could do something like that I think we could at least lessen the division within the country which would be outstanding.” – Nadeau

The upcoming elections also bring fear as COVID  will affect the way we vote. “I want to vote in person because I think the mail-in is putting a lot of trust in people not to tamper with and change people’s votes whether before or after they get to their destination.” Lord expressed. Penrod felt similar to Lord when it came to mail-in ballots, “I plan on going to the polls. I don’t personally feel right about the mail-in, but I understand, and it’s alright, though I would prefer that we vote in person.” While Lord and Penrod have their concerns about the mail-in option Nadeau feels that it is right to have that option for 2020. Rarely, do things get lost in transit in the mail. It’s not a frequent thing and I have faith in the postal system. I think a lot of people will be mailing in. I know a lot of my friends at the voting age are doing mail-in, which is good of course because that means they won’t be exposed to the possibility of COVID.”

All of this ultimately will not be in our control if we don’t vote. “I think it’s important that people research who they are voting for and learn as much as they can about them before they make their decisions on who they vote for.” – Lord. “People have to get out and vote, they have to. It doesn’t matter which side you vote for, just please vote. The last election had a pitiful voter turnout— I believe it was around 58%. I hope people will turnout. It’s just good to have higher voter turnout no matter what your viewpoint is.” – Nadeau.

Pictured Left: SMCC Business
Student, Luke Nadeau.

Bottom Center: SMCC graduate from the
Radiology program, Paige Lord.

Pictured Right: 2019 Falmouth High School
graduate, William Penrod.

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