Zoom Meetings & Our Minds

A letter from the Managing Editor

by Timothy Randall

With the 2020 Election coming up I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling a bit stressed. Especially with the Fall semester starting amid the COVID pandemic and the recent death of RBG, it has been quite a wild ride and no one is just eating popcorn and enjoying the show. Well maybe a few corrupt politicians and extremists are.
Most of us are working towards becoming a better self, a better community and more importantly coming together instead of dividing. “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet.” -Maya Angelou
But that’s not all that has been on my mind since the pandemic began. It’s been absolutely exhausting just trying to adapt to the new ways of learning. It has always been tough for me to spend hours of my day glued to a computer screen and when classtime ends, we’re expected to do all of our homework on a computer.
When I spend hours of the day looking at a computer screen, a phone or a television I get this eye-straining headache that feels like I just completely fried my brain and the only relief I benefit from is getting outside, seeing the natural light and rechargining my inner battery for however long it takes to feel normal again. And if that means completely procrastinating on my homework, so be it!
It’s especially difficult to stay engaged and actually be a part of the class too. I feel even more disconnected when our teachers don’t notice their students becoming disengaged while their just lecturing away.
There needs to be a set-in stone plan at the beginning of each class. Teachers need to have a Word Document of their daily & weekly goals and more importantly what is expected of their students before class even starts. We shouldn’t have be to lectured on what our roles are every Zoom meeting. It’s exhausting and there are ways to avoid this.
I’m an awfully observant person that notices how people are feeling through their facial expressions and body language. I think the whole online learning thing is nice but it’s no where near perfect at the moment. I think we’re all just kind of winging it and I feel like we need to develop a much better structure in how we learn though online lectures and Zoom meetings. I feel even more disconnected because I’m not in the right classroom setting, I benefit more from being in a classroom, being able to collaborate in person and work with others to get the most of what I am learning.
We need to spend some time making these zoom meetings more engaging and hands on. And while The Beacon is only Online Publication at the moment, we really need it to be printed and distributed to our students so they can actually hold a physical copy of their work in their hands! Nothing feels better than holding what you have created as a class. Physical copies > Online Copies. I don’t want to spend hours of my week working towards something I cannot hold in my hands and appreciate. So what, students are allowed to have school books but not newspapers?

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